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Respiratory and Personal Protective Equipment Use and Maintenance

This 1 hour course is designed to instruct all workers who require respiratory protection in the correct selection, use and maintenance of a full or half face respirator. Incorrect use or poor maintenance can result in exposures they were intended to protect against.

It is recommended that a Respirator Fit Test is also undertaken at the same time to ensure the respirator is the correct one.

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PPE Don & Doff

Safe donning and doffing of PPE would appear to be a simple procedure. However experience has shown that many workers engage in practices which may actually increase their chances of exposure to the elements they are required to avoid.

This short 1 hour course guides workers in the selection of safe and appropriate PPE – coveralls, gloves, overshoes etc, how to put them on, and importantly, how to remove and dispose of them safely. It is recommended that this course be undertaken with our Respiratory and Personal Protective Equipment Use and Maintenance course and a Respirator Fit Test.

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Loadwise Courses

Loadwise Australia have their training facilities located at the Robson Environmental head office. The courses offered  by Loadwise are:


  1. License to Operate a Forklift
  2. Work Safely at Heights
  3. Enter and Work in Confined Spaces
  4. Gas Test Atmospheres
  5. Operate Breathing Apparatus
  6. License to Operate a Boom Type Elevating Work Platform
  7. Shift Material Safely Using Manual Handling Methods
  8. Scissor Lift
  9. Vertical Lift

Loadwise Australia RTO 88198 provide accredited and general courses from Robson’s premises. Any enquiries should be directed to:  info@loadwise.com.au / or visit their website here:  www.loadwise.com.au

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