Respirator Fit Testing

The selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment standard Robson_Enviro_011
(AS/NZS 1715:2009) says that 'standard facial fit tests should be performed at least annually, or whenever there is a change in the wearer’s facial characteristics or other features which may affect the facial seal of the respirator.’

Robson Environmental offers quantitative fit testing for determining respiratory protection factors for both half face and full face respirators.


Who needs it?

Respirator Fit tests should be conducted on anyone who uses a respirator to ensure it is properly fitted to the wearer. Testing should be done when a new mask is first purchased and annually thereafter.


How does it work?

Fit testing measures the efficiency of a respirator in preventing materials in the atmosphere from entering a user’s breathing zone. Testing is conducted using the worker's own mask.
Using the Quantifit system, this method of testing uses advanced controlled negative pressure technology to measure mask leaks and determine fit using the OSHA-approved 5-step Redon Protocol.


What masks can be tested?

A wide range of full-face and half-face respirators can be tested using the Quantifit Machine. Contact us to see if your mask can be tested.
Robson can also carry out fit tests using a range of mask styles to assist businesses in selecting and purchasing the correct style and size of masks for employees.



Individuals - $275 per person per respirator
Groups of 5+ - $220 per person per respirator

Testing can be conducted on site for an additional travel fee


How to book:

Email: or

Call: 02 6239 5656 to make a booking.

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