Alpha Tracker

Announcing a leap forward in Hazmat surveying and reporting




Robson’s Hazmat team are proud to announce the introduction of the Alpha Tracker software package to manage surveys and the analysis of samples. It stores data remotely and automates many of our processes and provides numerous benefits to clients:

  • Greater efficiency allows us to offer more attractive pricing and shorter turnarounds without compromise on quality
  • Manual systems require a significant degree of data checking to reduce critical errors. The Alpha Tracker system provides on site prompts to better ensure all possible ACMs are located. The Alpha Tracker system eliminates almost all transcription and prevents conflicting analytical parameters being entered in the lab, minimising the possibility for errors to occur. It also ensures accurate, seamless transposition of site data to the laboratory and to the final report, giving clients greater confidence in the accuracy and integrity of results.
  • Cloud functionality means that results/reports can be accessed from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection within customised permissions. We can update reports with the latest information, minimising unnecessary downtime and accidental disturbance of asbestos containing materials. A link to the report can be easily distributed to staff or contractors.
  • Connected functionality allows QR codes to be produced which link to the client’s results and report. Stickers with the QR code can be affixed at the entrance to the building or any particular area of concern, making it easier for staff and contractors to access up to the minute information relating to ACMs on a site.
  • For clients with a number of properties under their management, Alpha Tracker can mean one place for all your reports. Permissions can be managed so staff are only able to access reports relevant to their site whist management can see all reports. As the reports are updated the links will continue to link to the latest information – no more having to email fresh reports to everyone and no more worrying about people accessing superseded information.
  • Digital distribution greatly reduces use of paper by all stakeholders which is great for the environment, and also ensures that highly sensitive reports and building plans are not compromised.

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