Occupational Hygiene

Our Occupational Hygiene team identify, assess and advise on health hazards which are present in the workplace and wider built environment. Our experienced Occupational Hygienists and Technicians will consult with you to develop the appropriate investigative program and sampling regime to assess and control occupational health risks in your workplace.

We pride ourselves on producing high quality, evidence based reports and advice, tailored to give specific answers to the questions our clients are asking. We use scientifically rigorous methods and analysis to ensure our advice is reliable, accurate and specific to your needs.


Robson Environmental have been leaders in asbestos air monitoring, surveying, project management and associated fields for over 25 years.

Occupational Exposures


  • Particulates
  • Chemicals & Gases
  • Noise
  • Radiation
  • Thermal
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Indoor Air Quality


  • Composition
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Dust
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Mould Assessment


  • Mould & Fungi Assessments
  • Bacteria Assessments
  • Water Biological Contaminants Assessments
  • Mycometer Surface Mould & Bacteria Swab Testing
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