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Occupational Hygiene Modules

OH-Approved-PartnerInternational Occupational Hygiene Training is an IOHA initiative supporting the development of personnel in the field of Occupational Hygiene.

People in different professions need occupational hygiene knowledge and skills at different levels. The international qualifications framework provides additional training at the level appropriate to their position and professional development.

Robson Environmental offers training at intermediate level for participants who require technical knowledge and hands-on, practical training delivered by subject expert qualified trainers.

Robson Environmental is approved to deliver the following internationally recognised course:


W504 - Asbestos & Other Fibres

This course enhances the candidate’s knowledge of occupational hygiene practice in relation to fibrous dusts. Successful completion of this module will benefit those working in asbestos consultancy and its safe management in the built environment as well as in mainstream occupational hygiene. This course may also support the pathway to becoming a licensed Asbestos Assessor.

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