Post Disaster Assessment & Remediation

Robson  have been involved in a number of post disaster contracts over a number of years ranging from widespread natural disasters such as bushfires, tsunamis  and terrorist actions to localised events such as damage to infrastructure caused by accident or flooding, and  large or small scale asbestos risk. Our multi disciplinary team of Occupational Hygienists, Environmental Scientists and Asbestos Assessors are usually able to mobilise overseas or locally at short notice and outside of normal working hours.



2019-21 – Covid19 – Provide expert advice to Government, Government Departments, First Responders, Hotels, Businesses and the general public to manage and mitigate risk in regard to Covid19 spread and infection control.

2019-20 – NSW  bush fires – inspect 100's of fire damaged houses on the South Coast and Regional NSW for hazardous materials and clearance inspections after demolition and waste removal. Provide expert advice to the NSW Government and the general public.

2013-16 - ‘Mr Fluffy’ houses – chosen Asbestos Assessors for a house found to be contaminated with loose amosite asbestos which was missed during the ACT government remediation program of the 1980s. Provided expert advice during the asbestos removal, demolition and site validation.

Chosen Asbestos Assessors for the ACT Taskforce pilot demolition.

Undertook dust sampling assessments in over 400 “Mr Fluffy” houses to determine the level of asbestos contamination, and carried out over 50 pre-demolition surveys for ACT Procurement and Capital Works.

Provided project management, air monitoring and Assessor advice on private demolition of a number of “Mr Fluffy” houses including soil validation to WA Guidelines.

Robsons have developed and delivered numerous seminars and consultation meetings to “Mr Fluffy” home owners, asbestos removalists, government agencies, solicitors, real estate agents and other stakeholders.

2015 - MH17 Malaysian Airlines disaster – Health Risk Assessment of physical, chemical and biological contaminants of items recovered from the accident site.

2015 – ACT tunnel - around the clock project management over 4 days following asbestos disturbance to a vehicle tunnel after a truck accident.

2014-5 - Mould assessment and remediation project management from a multi storey health facility after flooding.

2014-5 – Biological Assessment and clearance testing after sewerage pipe damage to various medical facilities and commercial kitchens.

2007-2010 – Sumatra & Java earthquake & tsunami affected areas – asbestos air monitoring, dust sampling, risk assessments and management plans. Training over 200 local staff and community members in asbestos safety and assessment.

2005 - Bali bombing - assessment of soil samples.

2003 – ACT  bush fires – inspect approximately 340  fire damaged houses for hazardous materials and clearance inspections after demolition and waste removal. Provide expert advice to the ACT Recovery Centre and the general public.