Occupational Exposures

Our Occupational Hygienists are able to conduct sampling for a wide range of occupational exposures using verified OSHA, NIOSH and EPA methods, using equipment calibrated at NATA accredited facilities. Samples are analysed in NATA accredited laboratories so you can have confidence in the results.

We can undertake a wide range of workplace sampling processes, from initial walk-though surveys and  detailed  baseline surveys, right through to routine statistic-based surveys to assess compliance with the Australian exposure standards.

Sampling can be undertaken for a wide range of workplace exposure risks such as:



  • Airborne inhalable and respirable particulate sampling
  • Particulate composition analysis
  • Metal dust analysis
  • Welding fumes sampling
  • Extraction ventilation testing


Chemicals & Gases

  • Air monitoring for a wide range of substances including solvents, VOCs, aldehydes & acids
  • Monitoring for laboratory chemicals
  • Motor vehicle exhaust fumes sampling
  • Mercury sampling and management of small spills
  • Cytotoxic drugs sampling
  • Pesticides & herbicides analysis
  • Fume cabinet testing
  • Chemical risk assessments
  • Chemical management site auditing



  • Occupational noise assessments
  • Environmental noise assessments



  • Electromagnetic, Microwave & Radiofrequency testing



  • Thermal comfort assessment
  • Heat stress assessment
  • Cold stress assessment


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