Hazardous Chemicals & Dangerous Goods Storage

Robson Environmental’s WHS Consultants and Occupational Hygienists have extensive knowledge regarding hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods storage requirements, and the classification of hazardous materials. Our consulting services are designed to guide your business through its legal responsibilities and manage the risks associated with dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

We can undertake audits of your chemical storage areas (including gas storage) across a wide range of environments such as hospitals, factories, commercial kitchens and laboratories to determine compliance with Australian Standards and Regulatory requirements. We can undertake risk assessments for co-location of chemical substances and provide advice on appropriate design, documentation and controls strategies. We can also assist with the interpretation of safety data sheets, including control measures that should be implemented, and health monitoring strategies.

Our hazardous chemical and dangerous goods services include:

  • Hazardous Chemical and Dangerous Good Storage
  • Storage Designs and Solutions
  • New and Refurbished Storage Designs
  • Auditing and Inspection of Sites
  • Risk Assessments and Control Solutions
  • Hazardous Chemical and Dangerous Goods Registers
  • Interpretation of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Health monitoring strategies

Our consultants have worked extensively with clients throughout New South Wales (NSW) and the Canberra (ACT) region, and have experience in a wide range of industries. If you have an inquiry regarding hazardous chemicals and/or dangerous goods not mentioned on our website, please contact us so we can tailor a solution specific to your needs.





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