Confined Space Assessment & Monitoring

Let Robson Environmental’s WHS consultants assist your business with all of its confined space obligations and requirements. Our experienced consulting team have the knowledge and industry experience to ensure your business meets Australian legislation and standards, and provides a safe workplace for your employees.

We can provide guidance by identifying confined spaces at your workplace, and then work with you to undertake risk assessment and develop practical control solutions. We can also offer help completing work in confined spaces by assisting with confined space entry and atmospheric monitoring requirements. We know how important it is to have functional safety documentation regarding confined spaces, and can aid your business with documents such as policies, procedures, registers and emergency response plans just to name a few.

Our confined spaces consulting services include:

  • Confined space identification
  • Confined space risk assessment
  • Confined space atmospheric/ air testing and monitoring
  • Confined space entry permits
  • Confined space registers
  • Confined space audits and system reviews
  • Confined space emergency response and rescue plans
  • Confined space safety management system documents including policies and procedures

Our consultants have worked extensively with clients throughout New South Wales (NSW) and the Canberra (ACT) region, and have experience in a wide range of industries. If you have a problem regarding confined spaces not mentioned on our website, please contact us so we can tailor a solution specific to your needs.