Asbestos Identification

Robson Environmental provides laboratory asbestos identification in our National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory for government, commercial and residential clients. Samples of the material can be taken by our Asbestos Assessors on your site or a sample can be supplied by the client.

Please note that we do not advise that you disturb suspected material, and recommend that a sample is obtained ONLY if there is a piece already detached. Only non friable material i.e. that which is not reduced to a dust by hand pressure should be sampled by people who are not Asbestos Assessors. Non friable asbestos includes building sheet, roof sheet, vinyl floor tiles, gaskets etc. Material such as dusts, pipe lagging, sprayed insulation to steel beams or roof undersides and loose fill insulation are classified as friable and should only be sampled by Asbestos Assessors.

If you require asbestos identification in soil, please contact our office as differing sampling and analysis techniques apply.

Ensure that your sample is representative. For instance, if you sample from 1 building sheet to eaves or a wall, check to make sure that all sheets appear to be of the same age and type. If it appears that several different types may be in situ, sample them both if possible.


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Steps for supplied samples:

  1. Collect a piece of the materialDSC01537
    • Samples should be collected in zip lock bags. The type used for food storage is satisfactory.
    • Generally a couple of grams are enough to make a definitive assessment of the materials BUT ensure that the sample is representative of the entire material. Larger samples are satisfactory provided they fit in the zip lock bag.
    • Turn the bag inside out and place your hand in it like a glove. Pick up the sample with the bag and draw the bag in the right way again, thus encasing the sample.
    • Wipe the outside of the bag with a damp tissue or similar. Place the tissue and the first sample bag inside another zip lock bag and seal.
    • Label the bag with the sample location e.g. eave sheet, west side, 123 Brown St.
    • If you have more than one sample, each must be individually double bagged and labelled appropriately. Cross contamination may occur if more than 1 sample is contained within the same bag. Such samples will be rejected by the laboratory.
    • Please note that we will be unable to accept any samples that have not been double bagged.
    • Place all double bagged samples into one large bag to ensure that they are kept together and no samples are lost / misplaced.
    • Place the sample(s) in a strong envelope for transport.
  2. Complete a Chain of Custody form   
    • Download the form
    • For samples taken from different sites, a separate Chain of Custody form will need to be completed for each site.
    • The Asbestos Identification Results Certificate will reflect all samples listed on the same Chain of Custody form.
    • Please ensure that all relevant details are completed on the form. If you are unsure, contact us on 02 6239 5656 for assistance.
  3. Specify payment method
    • Payment methods include credit card, bank deposit, cash or company account (prior approval and a Purchase Order are required).
    • Credit Card details can be supplied on the Chain of Custody form or given over the phone.
    • Cash payments can be accepted if samples are dropped into our offices. Please do not put cash in the post.
  4. Send/deliver to Robson for Analysis
    • Drop at our offices:
      140 Gladstone Street Fyshwick   ACT
      Office hours – 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday
    • Post/freight:
      Attention: Laboratory
      Robson Environmental Pty Ltd
      P.O. Box 112
      Fyshwick   ACT   2609

    Please ensure that the completed Chain of Custody form accompanies the sealed sample(s) in same package.

  5. Results
    • Once the sample has been received, payment will be processed, and sample will be analysed prior to any results being released.
    • Once payment has been received, an Asbestos Identification Results Certificate will be emailed to the address as specified on the chain of custody form.




Standard turnaround: $88 per sample up to 5 business days from receipt of sample
Urgent turnaround: $132 per sample up to 1 business days from receipt of sample
Same Day turnaround: $165 per sample

(Please confirm with our office if requiring Same Day analysis as subject to availability and time constraints)

Download Chain of Custody form



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