Clearance inspections are required for all asbestos removal works conducted in the ACT and NSW. Upon completion of the removal works, a licensed Asbestos Assessor will attend the site and conduct an inspection to ensure that all asbestos containing materials have been removed and the area thoroughly cleaned.

This can be conducted in conjunction with clearance air monitoring if required by law or if requested by the client.

Before the arrival of the Assessor, all cleanup should be completed. Spraying with pva or paint must not occur until the Assessor passes the area. The Assessor will stay on site while small issues are rectified. However if the works are not up to the required standard or incomplete, and significant time would be required to satisfactorily address these issues, a subsequent site visit will be required. A Failed Inspection Certificate will be issued to the client and removalist detailing the reason(s) for the failure. All site visits, Clearance Inspections and Failed Inspections will incur fees.

To ensure we have an Assessor available, please give an indication of when you will require the clearance. You will be issued with an official Clearance Certificate within 24 hours of a satisfactory inspection.



Clearance Inspection: $330

Allows for 30 minutes on site and report for 1 sample. Additional time for site sampling & reporting for additional samples @$187 per hour per Assessor at 15 minute increments.

  • Please note that a surcharge will apply for works conducted outside of normal business days and hours.

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