Material Assessments

Material assessments are a cost effective way of safely identifying the composition of suspect building material if refurbishment works are planned. For example if you want to sand and paint your laundry walls, make a hole for an air conditioner, or just check if an item contains asbestos, a NATA accredited Asbestos Identification will provide the answer. Either a licensed Asbestos Assessor can attend your premises and take a sample or you can send a sample to our laboratory. This Material Assessment is NOT a survey to locate all ACM in the premises. For more information on surveys, visit our Commercial Surveys or Full House Surveys pages.



Where possible the sampling process will be conducted in such a way as to minimise impact – the sample will be small and taken from a discreet area. Generally only few grams is required. Material will be left in a safe condition where possible. Where this is not possible, the Assessor will advise on safe handling methods.

You will receive a report with results and recommendations from the licensed Asbestos Assessor based on their extensive experience and relevant regulations. These recommendations will cover the risk presented by the material, measures that should be taken to minimise this risk, and if you have informed the Assessor about intended works to the area, the report will include recommendations stating if those works can proceed and any special measures required.

You can be at home while the assessment is conducted – it will take a few minutes for each sample (depending on accessibility and type) plus consultation time. Allow about 15-30 mins for an average visit with a few samples. If you are unable to be present, arrangements should be made for access to the property. Please discuss this when scheduling the site visit.



Standard turnaround: $550 including 1 sample, $88 for additional samples* up to 5 business days

Urgent turnaround: $715 including 1 sample, $132 for additional samples* up to 48-hour turnaround

Both turnarounds allows for 30 minutes on site and report for 1 sample. Additional time for site sampling & reporting for additional samples @$187 per hour per Assessor at 15 minute increments.

*Additional samples to be requested by customer and taken during the same visit as the first sample

For work outside Canberra travel time may be charged

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