Air Monitoring isRobson_Enviro_015 conducted on sites during asbestos removal works to detect if minimum airborne fibre rates are exceeded outside of removal areas or enclosures. If high levels are detected the removalist is required to clean the area until a visual inspection and satisfactory air monitoring results are achieved.

Whilst air monitoring is legally required during any friable removal works, it is often also performed as an optional assurance during non friable removal or in high risk areas. Monitoring of friable asbestos removal is required for the entire duration of the removal works with the air monitoring test report issued at the end of each day. This ensures that any problems are remediated as soon as possible.

A licensed Asbestos Assessor will place the air monitoring pumps prior to the works commencing. At the conclusion of the work or at the end of the day’s work the pumps will be brought back to our NATA accredited fibre counting laboratory. where the filters will be examined under a microscope to determine the airborne fibre levels. You will then be issued with an Air Monitoring Test Report and advised if unacceptable levels have been detected.



To ensure staff availability please book air monitoring services in advance. Please specify approximately how long work will take and the nature of the work. Finishing times can be booked in advance, or a call can be made to our offices later in the day. Please be aware that pickups which are not pre booked may not be able to be attended to on short notice due to staff availability and travel time.

Air Monitoring Test Reports are generally issued the same day. For clients without an account, please ensure that payment is made prior to the conclusion of the day’s testing so that the report can be released.



Commercial clients $660 per day/shift single site visit. * Discounts may apply for larger works

Residential clients $550 per day/shift single site visit

All prices include GST

* Allows for 6 pumps - Additional pumps at $110 each

Please note that a surcharge will apply for works conducted outside of normal business days and hours.

Contact us for more information or to book air monitoring.


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